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Dental Implant in Tehran - 3 days
3 reviews - Excellent
From $1,056
$352 per day

Tour Highlights

  • High Quality Guarantee
  • Affordable Costs
  • Fast Procedure
  • Cosmetic Package
AGE RANGE 18 to 90 year olds
Accommodation Hotel 
Max Group Size 5
Transportation car  Van 
Travel Style cosmetic  Health 
Physical Rating Normal

Dental Implant With Yargasht

It's a small group health tour package prepared for those wants to have a vacation with cultural and cosmetic purposes. Dental implants have been a major change enhancing the overall lifestyle of millions today. Lifestyle because your good oral health has a great contribution in building up your personality and confidence. The price of this package is based on one tooth and For each tooth, 538 will be added to the package price. Yargasht gives guests the best services from affordable costs to the highest quality of experience. 

Dental Implant

Tour Guide

Famous Person Ashkan Goldooz English-speaking tour guide
Famous Person Azam Arshiha Deutschsprachiger Reiseleiterin

Tour Reviews

Rather Poor
Accommodation 4/5
Transportation 4/5
Meals 4/5
Guide 5/5
Value for money 4/5

Tour Itinerary

Due to the variable treatment process for each person and according to the doctor's diagnosis, the programs may be changed for each day, but not considerable. So, the itinerary and costs are approximate. Please feel free to contact us via email, WhatsApp, Telegram, to ask for a particular package
Arrival at airport, guest will be received by the guide; Pick-up and transfer to hotel; Checking into the hotel; Transfer from hotel to the clinic; visiting doctor and medical consultation; Pre-op tests; Transfer from clinic to hotel; Welcome dinner
Transfer from hotel to the clinic; Preparation for the procedure; Conversation between doctor and patient, reviewing the expectations; Performing of procedure; Taking doctor instructions; Transfer to hotel
Transfer from hotel to Yargasht's office; Yargasht gives the patient a special gift; Transfer to hotel and seeing-off;

What's included

3 days in a hotel near the clinic
English speaking tour guide
Breakfast and welcoming dinner will be included
Includes all transfers through hotel, clinic & airport
Welcoming dinner;
SIM card and internet;

What's Not included

Patient Companion(s) Costs; Due to the diagnosis of the doctor, the cost of Any other unexpected treatment procedure won't be included in this package. Yet the patient will be able to pay for that separately; Private Nursing cost is not included in the price of the package. But if the patient feels that it would be needed, Yargasht can put a private nurse; Those extra medical services (tests, medical images, etc.) required by the doctor during the trip that has not been expected at the price of the package is also not included;
Patient Companion(s) will be able to purchase for any supplementary tour package(s) available on Touriar website to fill their time while their patient is under treatment. THE COST OF THESE ADDITIONAL PACKAGES NOT BE INCLUDED IN THE MAIN PACKAGE
Flight costs are not included in the package price.
Insurance registration and its costs are not included in the price of the package.

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