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Infertility Treatment - 21 days
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  • Infertility Treatment Package
  • Flexible Program
  • Well Known Brand
  • Most Affordable Price
AGE RANGE 14 to 50 year olds
Accommodation Hotel 
Max Group Size 5
Transportation car 
Travel Style medical  Health 
Physical Rating Easy

IVF Package Of Yargasht

Yargasht takes every aspect into consideration; everything is regulated to ensure that the chances of becoming pregnant are at maximum potential. We will be there from the initial assessment, through to the embryo transfer. Furthermore, Yargasht gives you the chance of using IVF advanced services in the best center existing in the middle east. Beside the treatment period, enjoying city sightseeing can inspire every traveler sense of satisfaction with warm, friendly hospitality of local people.


Royan IVF Clinic

Royan Infertility Clinic assumes a considerable number of infertile couples from continents of Europe, America, Africa, and the Pacific. The number of Royan infertility clinic patients faces a continuous growth due to the standard infertility treatment services and high rate of treatment success by efforts of expert specialists using modern technology in female infertility, male infertility, embryology, genetics, and imaging fields. All colleagues endeavor to achieve patients’ satisfaction and higher success rate in infertility treatment via carrying out healthy children.

Royan and Yargasht

Preparing for Infertility Treatment:

Initial assessment and specialist consultation

Initial evaluation provides information about reproductive health and diseases that cause infertility. The couple can undergo the infertility assessment in their home country within three to six months before starting infertility treatment; please bring your medical report. Our specialist will suggest additional assessment, if necessary.

Alternatively, the couple can start undergoing our standard female/male infertility assessment at our hospital and meet our infertility specialist for consultation.

For women, the assessment comprises:

  • Blood test for infertility assessment
  • Hysterosalpingogram (HSG)
  • Transvaginal ultrasound (TVS)
  • Pelvic examination

For men, the assessment comprises:

  • Blood test for CBC, hemoglobin typing, Anti-HCV, HBsAg, Anti-HIV, VDRL
  • Semen analysis
Day 8 to 10 of your period cycle-
Beginning Infertility Treatment:

Last evaluation before starting hormonal injections

A transvaginal ultrasound (TVS) checks your reproductive health again before starting hormonal injections. The dosage of hormone injections and the number of days is adjusted according to each patient’s needs, as prescribed by our specialist.

Injections are usually given at approximately 10 to 14 days, but the time may be extended if ovulation does not occur. Days are counted from hormonal injection until ovum pick up

Day one to three of your period cycle-
Follow up hormonal level monitoringAfter completing the recommended dosage and number of hormonal injections, women will have a vaginal ultrasound to check the size of the follicles and blood tests for hormone level monitoring. These results will confirm if the woman needs to continue receiving the injections. All of these situations depend on the woman’s response to the medication.-
Ovum and sperm pick upEgg collection will be performed in our operating room under deep sedation. Patient must stay in the recovery room for observation for at least three hours.

The sperm can be collected onsite in our semen collection room that is near our embryo laboratory. If a sperm gets too cold or too hot, they stop swimming – so collecting onsite means that the temperature of the sperm sample can be controlled.



Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS)Preimplantation Genetics Screening refers to the techniques which examine your embryos for chromosomal abnormalities. You can further consult with our specialists for more details.

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) involves specialists examining DNA to check for abnormalities which can be passed on from parents to children in order to select genetically disease-free embryos for implantation with 95% accuracy.

Mitochondrial DNA testing

Using one’s MitoScore®, a doctor can assess the quality of a woman’s embryo by measuring the energy of the mitochondria within. If the energy is low, this means the embryo is good because it doesn’t need to exhaust itself in order to implant.

Who can benefit from PGS?

  • Women age 35 and over
  • Women with more than two failed fertility treatments
  • Those with genetic disorders, both family history and couple
  • Women experiencing more than one miscarriage or miscarriage from the genetic disorder

Please be informed that effective August 1, 2015, new laws and regulations have been set forth by the Ministry of Public Health, the Royal Thai College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the Medical Council of Thailand — all patients must provide the healthcare provider with a copy of their marriage certificate prior to receiving any fertility treatments, including IUI, Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), IVF, ICSI, Surrogacy, PGS/PGD, etc.



Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)Preimplantation Genetics Diagnosis refers to the procedure used prior to implantation to help identify genetic defects within embryos created through in-vitro fertilization to prevent certain diseases or disorders from being passed to the child.

PGD benefits couples who have genetic diseases/disorders in their family. Our specialists can provide more information and suggest the PGD program during the consultation.

Days three to five after ovum pick up-
Endometrial receptivity analysis (ERA)Endometrial receptivity analysis (ERA) is used to determine whether or not a woman’s endometrium is ready for embryo implantation. If receptive, the implantation can take place with higher chances of success and a lower chance of miscarriage.N/A-
Embryo transferThe procedure is performed in the operating room. The patient usually remains in an operating room and is discharged half an hour (30 minutes) after the procedure. The blood pregnancy test will be done two weeks after the procedure.N/A


Tour Guide

Famous Person Ashkan Goldooz English-speaking tour guide
Famous Person Ali Behran Tour guide and interpreter; Health tourism and Cultural tourism experienced
Famous Person Azam Arshiha Deutschsprachiger Reiseleiterin

Tour Reviews

Rather Poor
Accommodation 4/5
Transportation 3/5
Meals 4/5
Guide 4/5
Value for money 4/5

Tour Itinerary

Due to the variable treatment process for each person and according to the doctor's diagnosis, the programs may be changed for each day, but not considerable. So, the itinerary and costs are approximate. Please feel free to contact us via email, Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, to ask for a particular package
Arrival at the airport; Received by the guide; Check into the hotel; welcoming dinner
After breakfast, the couple will be transferred to the clinic for visiting experts; after checkup and tests, they will be taken back to the hotel
After breakfast, have a city tour around the north of Tehran with Yargasht guide. You will have a glorious afternoon in Saadabad Palace & on Tabiat Bridge. Palaces consist of a spacious garden of 1100000 m2 and the walk requires 3 hours to visit each palace. In the green palace, you will feel the noble aspects of the life of Reza Shah versus his military life. The white palace and Master Mir Emad Calligraphy Museum is highly recommended. You will have the option of changing your preference after our explanation.
Today couple will be experienced Spa and relaxation massage at one of the best places in Tehran and after sightseeing, we are going to have Iranian traditional lunch. Visiting doctor if needed
We start our day with visiting Golestan palace museum as one of the world heritage sites and then we get ready to visit the national museum of Iran and the jewelry museum. Visiting traditional bazaar at the end of the day.
Stay in your hotel or visit outside till the respond.
Stay in the hotel or visit outside to get the respond
Stay in the hotel or visit outside to get the response.
Stay in the hotel or visit outside to get the response.
After visiting the doctor if needed, we go to the Tochal Complex. Experience Iran’s capital, which is being overlooked by Tochal Heights. Tochal summit as the highest point being next door to Tehran is 13000 feet higher than the sea level. In autumn and winter, you have the chance to reach the layers of heavy snow easily by using the cable car. Believe it or not, you have the opportunity to catch the sky in Iran, which is known as the land of deserts!
Stay in the hotel or visit outside to get the response.
Rest in the hotel till clinic response. doctor visit if needed
Rest in the Hotel. Afternoon visiting Iranian Garden and then transfer to the clinic if needed.
Transfer to the clinic to follow the treatment procedure, then transfer to hotel and rest at the hotel
Stay in the hotel or visit outside to get the response.
Stay in the hotel or visit outside to get the response.
Stay in the hotel or visit outside to get the response.
Stay in the hotel or visit outside to get the response.
Transfer to the clinic to follow the result
Transfer to the clinic and visit the doctor to receive final consultation and result
Yargasht gives the guests a special gift and then transfer them to the airport to departure.

What's included

21 days accommodation in Tehran in a comfortable hotel
English/Arabic speaking tour guide
All breakfasts, plus welcoming dinner and a lunch
Airport pick-up, transfer from hotel to clinic/hospital and vice versa and airport drop off included. It also includes any transfer between cities. BUT, IT DOESN'T INCLUDE FLIGHT RESERVATION AND COSTS.
Spa and Massage;
SIM card and internet;
Welcoming dinner;

What's Not included

Patient Companion(s) Costs; Due to the diagnosis of the doctor, the cost of Any other unexpected treatment procedure won't be included in this package. Yet the patient will be able to pay for that separately; Private Nursing cost is not included in the price of the package. But if the patient feels that it would be needed, Yargasht can put a private nurse; Those extra medical services (tests, medical images, etc.) required by the doctor during the trip that has not been expected at the price of the package is also not included;
Patient Companion(s) will be able to purchase for any supplementary tour package(s) available on Touriar website to fill their time while their patient is under treatment. THE COST OF THESE ADDITIONAL PACKAGES NOT BE INCLUDED IN THE MAIN PACKAGE
Flight costs are not included in the package price.
Insurance registration and its costs are not included in the price of the package.

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